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Isuzu Man Lift Truck


We are China man lift truck manufacturers, we manufacture truck mounted man lift, truck mounted scissor lift, our man lift truck has two types: telescopic boom lift and articulated boom lift. the quality meet ISO 9001:2008 standards and China domestic CCC quality standards.

Man lift truck could be used for painting, industry, factories, for working on electric poles, cables or window, statue and wall cleaning.

This is a articulated man lift truck, articulated man lift price is more competive compare with telescopic man lift, the artuculated man lift has working height from 12 m to 32 m option, this is a 30 m Isuzu man lift truck for sale. it is completely new, we also accept customized man lift truck.


---Isuzu ELF chassis, 190 ps engine power, Isuzu MLD gear box, 6 speed forward 1 reverse.

---Articulated boom, max working height 18 meter.

---Both turntable and bucket could control, bucket rated payload capacity 200 kg.

---4 outriggers could be hydraulic extended seperately, large outrigger spam.

---1 ton lifting crane at the front of cabin.

---Equipped with hand wash tanker to convience operators washing hands after work.

Picture ⑦---Outriggers control level

Picture ⑧---Control panel at turntable

Picture ⑨---Control panel at platform (basket)