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Dongfeng Small Garbage Truck


Dongfeng small garbage truck, it is a 5 cubic meters compressed garbage truck, also called rear loader garbage truck, waste compactor truck, waste collection truck. Compressed garbage trucks mainly use garbage bins, fillers, shovels, hydraulic systems and other special devices to achieve garbage collection, dumping, and pushing the garbage into the compartment and compacting and shoving. The compactor body is consists of garbage compartment, sewage tank, filler, scraper, pusher multi-way reversing valve, hydraulic system and hanging bucket device.

Dongfeng small garbage truck engine power 115 hp, Yuchai engine, 5 speed forward and 1 reverse gear box. this Donfeng waste compactor truck price reasonable, short lead time, welcome clients inquiry our waste compactor truck, we will get back to you within 24 hours with best service.

Compressed garbage truck mainly have the following characteristics:

1. The collection method is simple.

2. High compression ratio and large load

3. Operation automation: The computer control system is used. All the loading and unloading operations require the driver to operate by one person. Two automatic and semi-automatic operation modes can be set, which not only reduces the labor intensity of the sanitation workers, but also greatly improves the working environment.

4. The operating system has the dual functions of computer control and manual operation, which greatly guarantees and improves the utilization rate of the vehicle. The computer control system automatically controls the throttle when the equipment is in operation.

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