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Foton 12 Ton Roll Off Garbage Truck


Foton 12 ton roll off garbage truck for sale, it is 4 x 2 drive brand new garbage truck, max hook lifting capacity is 12 ton. The roll off garbage truck is a container-type self-unloading garbage transfer vehicle,  The working principle is to transfer the garbage in the garbage station, use the vehicle working device of the pull arm vehicle, pull the garbage container onto the garbage truck, and then transport it to the garbage disposal point for unloading. When unloading, it is not necessary to remove the garbage container, and the container is directly pushed up, dumped, and the garbage is poured out. After emptying, the garbage truck directly transports the empty container back to the garbage transfer station. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, high work efficiency, good maneuverability, good sealing performance of the compartment, large amount of transportation garbage, and is not easy to pollute the environment, and is suitable for the garbage disposal system adopting centralized garbage collection mode.

A roll off garbage truck is also known as hook lift garbage truck, hook loader garbage truck, dumpster hooklift truck, bin lifter garbage truck, we produce a wide range of hook lift garbage truck for clients option, besides a 4 x 2 roll off garbage truck, we also produce 6 x 4 hook lift garbage truck, 4 x 4 hook lift truck, 6 x 6 hook lift truck.

If roll off garbage truck chosen by chassis brand, we have Foton roll off garbage truck, Isuzu hook loader garbage truck, Dongfeng hook loader garbage truck, Sinotruk hook arm garbage truck, FAW bin lifter garbage truck, Iveco arm roll garbage truck JMC roll container garbage truck option, welcome clients inquiry our roll off garbage truck price and specifications.