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How To Accurately Choose a Sanitation Garbage Truck?

Mar. 03, 2021

Sanitation units or operation departments must not be careless when buying sanitation garbage trucks. If we accidentally choose a car that is not suitable for us, we will face many problems in the future, so how to accurately choose a sanitation garbage truck is very important. Then take a look at the following references provided by Garbage Truck Manufacturers:

Choose a company

Before buying a garbage truck, users must choose a well-known and guaranteed special automobile company. The company's product quality is excellent and after-sales service is guaranteed. Because most users are not very familiar with the use and maintenance of garbage trucks, this requires manufacturers The after-sales service is in place in time to help users improve the car’s attendance rate and extend the car’s utilization rate.

Optional configuration

Different cleaning homework environments have different requirements for the configuration of garbage trucks. The same is for garbage disposal and transportation, and the configuration of garbage trucks is also different.

1. Swing-arm garbage truck and pull-arm garbage truck, the structure of these two garbage trucks is relatively similar, these two models are suitable for use in urban garbage transfer stations, communities, schools and other places, which is convenient and fast.

2. Hanging bucket type garbage truck, also called self loading and unloading type garbage truck, the whole operation is completed by the driver completely in the cab, with high efficiency, usually used for the collection of garbage in the garbage cans on both sides of the street.

3. Compression Garbage Truck, docking garbage trucks and sealed garbage trucks are mainly focused on the transportation of garbage. This type of garbage truck has the characteristics of large loading volume, good sealing, easy collection and dumping, and the most extensive The application is to transport the garbage in the garbage recycling station in batches, and transport the garbage to the designated garbage disposal location

Than price

Choose the most cost-effective garbage truck according to your needs.


Car inspection: Be sure to check carefully when you deliver the car.

Check whether there is any damage to the exterior of the garbage truck, and whether the assembly of various components meets the specifications.

Check whether the garbage truck chassis number and engine number are consistent with the model nameplate, and whether they are consistent with the chassis number, engine number, and vehicle model indicated on the product certificate.

Check whether the lead seal of the speed limit of the garbage truck or the speed limit screw is complete. For diesel vehicles, check whether the lead seal of the high-pressure fuel pump is complete, including checking the fuel volume adjustment bolt, the high-speed limit adjustment bolt, and the fuel pump compensator adjustment bolt for the diesel engine.

When the garbage truck is running, check whether the car's lights, operating switches, various meters, horns, wipers, clutches, engines, transmissions, steering, transmission and braking systems are in normal use.

Parking check. After the garbage truck has been driven for a certain interval, check the brake drum, tires, transmission housing, rear axle housing, etc., and there should be no overheating phenomenon; there should be no four leaks (water leakage, oil leakage, air leakage and electricity leakage) in all parts; hot car After stopping, it can be started at one time.

It is necessary to carefully check whether the Garbage Truck is equipped with the tools, the imitation form, the quality warranty card, and the various assembly equipment that the car should be equipped with, spare tires, and fire extinguishers.