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The Main Types and Uses of Garbage Trucks

Jun. 05, 2021

Garbage Truck is a kind of special vehicle specially used for municipal sanitation department to transport all kinds of garbage. The main types of garbage trucks are self-discharging garbage truck, hook-arm garbage truck, swing-arm garbage truck, bucket garbage truck, compressed garbage truck, sealed garbage truck, docking garbage truck, kitchen garbage truck, etc.

Self-dumping garbage truck

It is also called Garbage Dump Truck, which can be used to collect garbage along the street regularly. The garbage compartment has garbage input ports on both sides, which is suitable for regular garbage collection in living communities and commercial areas.

The car with music speaker, people hear the garbage truck music can be packed bags of garbage out, throw into the garbage can, so as to avoid the environmental pollution caused by garbage pile, to develop a good atmosphere of "garbage does not fall to the ground".

Swing arm garbage truck

The swing arm garbage truck is divided into two types: ground type and pit type, and the swing arm garbage bucket has two types: square and boat type.

The swing arm garbage truck consists of chassis, hydraulic lifting assembly and garbage bucket, which can transport the national uniform swing arm garbage bucket through the left and right arms, and can have multiple buckets in one vehicle with self-unloading function to achieve safety and stability and reliable performance.

Sealed garbage truck

Sealed garbage truck is divided into three types of sealed cover type, front sliding cover type and hydraulic flip cover type. Sealed garbage truck is mainly composed of automobile chassis, box, opening mechanism, lifting mechanism, electro-hydraulic control system, etc. It is a new type of fully sealed structure garbage transportation vehicle with the integration of machine, electricity and liquid.

It can not only be used with garbage transfer station, but also be widely used for garbage transportation in urban living area, industrial area, commercial area, school, park, scenic area and other places. The sealed garbage truck is composed of automobile chassis, box, opening mechanism, lifting mechanism, electro-hydraulic control system, etc.

Hanging bucket garbage truck

Hanging garbage truck is also called self-loading garbage truck, which can be used with national standard iron or plastic garbage cans. This kind of garbage truck is usually used with street side garbage cans, and its biggest feature is that it can automatically grab, lift, dump and put down the garbage cans.

The whole operation is done by the driver completely in the cab, which is highly efficient and usually used for the collection of garbage in the garbage cans on both sides of the street. The trailer garbage truck is composed of chassis, compartment assembly, automatic lifting and loading device, hydraulic system, working system, etc.

Hook-arm garbage truck

Hook-arm garbage truck, also known as pull-arm garbage truck, carriage detachable garbage truck, is currently the best-selling garbage truck model.

It is equipped with one or more garbage buckets, and the pulling arm is driven by hydraulic cylinder to pull up or down the garbage bucket, which is suitable for use in the garbage transfer station, community, school and other places in the city, so it is convenient and quick.

Its garbage bin can be separated from the garbage truck independently, which is convenient for garbage collection. When the garbage bin is full, the garbage truck will hook the bin onto the car and transport it to the garbage collection station, then the bin will be transported back to the collection point and the garbage bar will be unloaded to continue the garbage collection work.

Compressed garbage truck

The Compression Garbage Truck is divided into two types of side loading and rear loading, with strong garbage compression capacity and high efficiency. The main features are easy and efficient garbage collection, automatic repeated compression as well as creep compression function, high compression ratio, large loading quality, operation automation, good dynamics, environmental protection, high efficiency of the whole vehicle utilization, and good sealing characteristics.

The compressed garbage truck is composed of chassis, sealed garbage compartment, hydraulic system and working system. The whole vehicle is fully sealed type, self-compressed, self-dumping, all the sewage in the compression process into the sewage compartment.

Docking type garbage truck

Docking garbage truck is also called garbage block transporter, which is generally used with compressed waste station. Docking garbage truck is composed of chassis, hydraulic control system, garbage compartment and working system.

Kitchen garbage truck

Kitchen garbage truck, also known as food waste truck, residual kitchen garbage truck or slop truck, is mainly used for food waste collection and transportation.

Kitchen garbage truck is a kind of garbage truck, used for collecting and transporting domestic garbage, food garbage (slop) and city sludge special vehicles. The food waste mainly includes leftover food residues such as leftover food and western pastry, vegetable stalks and leaves, animal bones and offal, tea leaves residues, fruit residues, and because of its strong corrosiveness, the interior of the garbage truck must be coated with anti-corrosion.

There are many types of garbage trucks, and the above eight types of garbage trucks are the more common garbage truck models in our life, each with different features, structures and uses, but the main use is for garbage loading and transportation.