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A New Choice of Fire Engines For Fires in Buildings of Different Heights

Jul. 07, 2021

In response to fires in buildings of different heights in China, China has developed two Fire Truckwith upgraded performance, providing new solutions to address the new challenges faced in emergency rescue and to better protect people's lives and property as well as the safety of firefighters.

Traditionally, fire departments responding to fires below 20 meters mainly use rescue ladders, rescue hanging ladders and other rescue equipment. These equipment need support points when deployed, which may be limited by the complex environment and thus unable to find a good deployment point.

The Heavy Duty Fire Truck with a working height of 18 meters and high strength is more suitable for this kind of scenario. This fire truck adopts a special chassis for firefighting, equipped with an engine, and eliminates the problem of finding deployment points through the 18-meter aerial ladder on board, while the vehicle has all the performance of a "main combat vehicle", carrying a large amount of rescue equipment, a high-flow water pump and the fast deployment water belt characteristic of American vehicles.

In addition to the 18-meter high-strength ladder, another major feature of this vehicle is the vehicle's water pump. This water pump is PUC water pump, different from the traditional placed in the pump room of the vehicle water pump, equipped with PUC water pump vehicle without the pump room structure, the pump is installed directly on the car beam.

The benefits of this are: First, driven by the engine extractor, it can provide the function of pumping water while driving, while saving the preparation time of engaging the pump, only two steps of operation, the pump can be prepared, which is called minimalist operation. Second, due to the elimination of the pump chamber structure, the body becomes shorter, increasing the flexibility and passability of the vehicle, while the storage space of the body becomes more, increasing the number of equipment that can be carried. Third, easy maintenance, no longer need to disassemble the pump chamber. Everything about the original design of PUC is to facilitate firefighters to climb, ride, drive, carry and store more equipment, dismantle the water belt and facilitate maintenance, so as to enhance the safety and efficiency of firefighters' operation.

The common high-rise water supply fire truck in the market is able to reach a water supply height of 300 meters. And with China's continued urbanization and economic growth, the number of super high-rise buildings with heights over 300 meters is increasing, making advanced high-rise fire prevention and fire suppression technology a top priority for many provinces.

In 2019, 60% of the world's high-rise buildings under construction are in China. China has more than 110 skyscrapers over 350 meters in height, located in Chongqing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen and many other cities. In response to this challenge, China has developed a super high-rise water supply fire truck with a water supply height of 420 meters.

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