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The Status Quo of Domestic Aerial Work Truck Industry

Jan. 19, 2021

China began to produce aerial work machinery in the 1970s, but the development was relatively slow. It was not until the late 1990s that the rapid growth of the domestic economy achieved rapid development. At present, there are many manufacturers of Aerial Work Platforms in China. Although most of the manufacturers still focus on simple products with no walking device and vertical lifting structure, there have been many self-propelled aerial work platforms with complete product series such as scissor type and boom type. Manufacturers, some of them already have strong international competitiveness. Domestic self-propelled products are mainly powered by engines, and clean energy such as direct current power and gas power is rarely used. The main walking methods are tires, and spiders and crawlers have begun to take off.

Features of current aerial work products

(1) Product operation specialization

New product application fields have gradually penetrated into various industries. Aerial Platform Working Truckare gradually transforming to high altitudes, high-altitude cleaning, high-altitude wireline and other high-altitude operations demand product evolution, and development to efficient and specialized operations; at the same time, users pay more attention to the professional skills of operators.

(2) Diversified product forms

The structure of the new product is more abundant. At present, diversified structural forms such as folding ten telescopic hybrid boom, crank arm, swing arm, vertical lifting platform and so on have appeared. Among them, the hybrid boom can operate at high and low altitude, which is the innovation direction of product technology.

(3) Lightweight product structure

The new product has a lightweight structure design based on structural finite element analysis and three-dimensional dynamic simulation design. High-strength steel and aluminum alloy machinery have been slightly improved; with the development of composite materials, advanced composite materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber materials have been tried.

(4) Intelligent control system

With the development of modern control technology and the continuous improvement of the operating height of the operating platform, product safety, reliability and operating comfort continue to improve, and the microprocessor control technology, fieldbus control technology, sensor technology, communication technology and other high-tech The use of technology makes the equipment control system develop rapidly in the direction of intelligence.

(5) Humanized and safe operation functions

The continuous improvement of the use of ergonomics has promoted the further improvement of the operating comfort of the equipment, more complete safety detection devices, and the design and development of redundant backup and software programs for key detection devices.

(6) Diversified construction requirements. Diversified and characteristic construction operation requirements

In view of different working environments, structural forms, power forms, and driving performance requirements (rugged roads, mountain cross-country, wild cross-country, etc.), auxiliary functions and other auxiliary functions are further diversified, and the demand for lifting, hydraulic and pneumatic tools, and emergency power sources increases.

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