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Daily Maintenance Items for Refrigerated Trucks

Feb. 19, 2021

1. To make the air-conditioning able to circulate between the loaded goods, and to keep the temperature in the cold storage at an equilibrium temperature from beginning to end, it must be the place and method of stacking during loading.

It must be noted that the stacked goods cannot be stacked on the inlet or outlet, and cannot be stacked on the roof of the car.

2. If the Refrigerated Truck is loaded with green foods such as fruits and vegetables, you need to be aware that both fruits and vegetables will produce breathing heat. If the cooling effect of the refrigerated truck is not good, the temperature of the middle part of the compartment will rise, which will directly affect the quality of the goods.

If the distance of the cargo is relatively close to the air-conditioning outlet, the upper part of the cargo will cause frostbite due to the air-conditioning. Therefore, protective measures need to be taken after packing the box.

3. Sanitation in the cold storage of refrigerated trucks needs to be cleaned at all times, so as to ensure that the food transported has a relatively good cleanliness. If it is fat, salt, etc., it adheres to the door, the interior, and the sealing strip. Not only is it unsanitary, but it also reduces vehicle corrosion.

4. When the loaded goods are moved out and in, after the door of the cold storage is opened, the external airflow will enter the cold storage, which will cause the temperature in the storage to rise. Therefore, the speed should be increased after carrying the goods.

In addition, if the cargo is being transported, the refrigeration unit needs to be held up.

5. Before the refrigerated truck loads the goods, it is necessary to pay attention to the pre-cooling Transportation Equipment and the goods in the cold storage to ensure the temperature of the goods when the goods are transported. It is not possible to keep the temperature of the goods low or let them all freeze in the cold storage.

If the temperature of the cold storage is relatively high or the temperature of the goods is relatively high, it will be difficult to reduce the temperature to a more suitable temperature. Therefore, before loading, the cold storage and the goods need to be pre-cooled, so that they can reach a more suitable transportation temperature.

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