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The Working Principle and Operation Steps of Garbage Dump Truck

Dec. 19, 2020

If you want to operate the garbage dump truck correctly, you need to understand the working principle and characteristics of the dump truck. Garbage dump truck is a kind of sanitation truck matched with garbage compression transfer station, in other words, it is the medium of garbage compression transfer station, which is mainly used for sanitation work in cities and towns. The following Garbage Dump Truck Manufacturer briefly introduces the working principle and operation steps of garbage dump truck.

The Garbage Dump Truck is composed of a car chassis, a dump cylinder, a hoist assembly, a top cover, an attached frame, and a garbage bin body. The operating system is completed by the hydraulic control system, and the control mode can be manual or electric control.

Working principle and characteristics

By operating the lift control valve, the trash can is raised and tilted with the hoist. The trash in the bucket is dumped into the compartment to complete the single load of trash. The lift control valve is operated reversely, and the trash can is put down with the hoist; the trash loading is completed When dumping is carried out later, the dump control valve is operated, the trash can is tilted around the rear turning axis, the rear door of the box is opened, and the trash is dumped out of the box. The garbage dump truck uses a hydraulic control system to complete the lifting and lowering of the hoist of the truck and the dumping of garbage, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the working environment.

Different from ordinary Garbage Trucks, the collection and transportation method of garbage dump trucks is currently widely used in the domestic garbage collection and transfer method. The functions of its special devices are all powered by the automobile engine, and are realized by hydraulic mechanism manual or electronic control and pneumatic control. The box body of the vehicle adopts high-quality carbon steel plate fully sealed and welded structure, which has the advantages of high strength, light weight, dustproof, overflow and no secondary pollution.


step one:

Before loading garbage, after the no-load operation reaches the specified standard air pressure, hang the power take-off (the lower left of the steering wheel in the cab), and check for leaks or abnormalities in all parts.

Step two:

Place the trash can on the hook of the hoist, and then push the lifting or upper cover operation handle to the raised position, the right side of the box body lifts the oil cylinder or the top cover opening oil cylinder extends, so that the hoist drives the trash can upwards Pick up and turn over the garbage, and the garbage enters the box. Release the operating handle to return it to the neutral position.

Step three:

Push the lifting operation handle to the retracted position, and retract the lifting cylinder on the right side of the box or the lid opening cylinder on the top of the box, so that the hoist will drive the trash can down and place it on the ground. Release the handle to return it to the neutral position. After completing a load and then releasing the power take-off, the car can be transported. Also note: If a small scraper is installed in the box, please push the handle in the direction of the operation sign to push the scraper out, push the garbage at the front of the box to the back of the box, and reverse the handle before loading the garbage again. Pull back to retract the scraper and return the handle to the neutral position; to prevent garbage from being stuck in the scraper and the front end of the box; if there is no small scraper installed in the box, in order to prevent the garbage from being only installed at the front of the box, At this time, the dump operating handle can be pushed to the open position, the dump cylinder at the bottom of the box body extends, so that the box body rotates and lifts a certain angle around the dump base, so that the garbage at the front of the box body slides behind the box body due to its own weight After finishing, pull the operating handle backward or back to the neutral position, and the box body will drop and lay flat to release the handle.