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FAW 5000 gallon Water Truck Tank


FAW truck mounted water tanks builds with wide range of sizes for a variety of applications, street cleaning, dust control, soil stabilizations, also coule be used for emergency fire fighting. single axel, tandem axel and tri-axel options. truck mounted water tanks also called water tanker truck, water bowser truck, water spraying truck, water cart, water tanker lorry, they include a PTO-driven water pump and independently controlled front, side, and rear spray heads, use the hydrant fill, top hatch fill or suction fill to fill the tank.


1. FAW good quality truck, 6x4 drive, 340 hp, left hand drive or right hand drive.

2. The tank volume is large, made of hiqh quality Q345 carbon steel, anti-corrosive treatment.

3. Installed China best water pump (PTO driven), long lifetime (option Honda water pump).