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10000 litres JAC Water Truck


Water truck is designed to carry and transfer water by pump also could be used for road cleaning purposes, the rear of water cannon can be used for fire control.

Features of water tank truck:

The materials of main part for the water tank truck is made of high strength Q345 steel, compared with ordinary steel materials, its strength is increased by 60% compared with the conventional low-carbon steel under the same thickness.

The pump mounted on the water truck is characterized by heavy displacement, high lift, strong self-priming capability, high output power and high-pressure, etc.

The sprinkler system of the water truck is mounted with the manual valves and pneumatic valves, thus it is optional for manual and automatic control. the front flushing and rear spraying can be individually and automatically controlled, easy to operate.

The arrangement of the sprinkler piping and nozzle is reasonable, a variety of nozzles including column, duck-shaped, shower, etc., are optional for users. by virtue of different nozzle structures and adjustable spray elevation angle, the spray mist and spray column are able to meet different spraying demands.

The rear side of the water sprinkler truck is provided with a platform, so that the operator can operate on the platform and conduct long-range spraying operations by virtue of the long-range, high-pressure spray gun.

Option fire pump instead of water pump to enhance the water throw range, could be used as a fire fighting truck in emergency.

Vehicle ModelJDF5160GSSHFC
Chassis BrandJAC
CabinSingle row and a half,  3 persons allowed
Drive Type4 x 2, LHD
Wheelbase4500 mm
Overall Dimension (L x W x H)8250 x 2495 x 3000 mm
GVW15950 kg
Kerb Weight
7455 kg
EngineEngine BrandFAW Engine
Engine TypeDiesel
143 kw / 180 hp
6740 ml
Emission StandardEuro 2
Transmission6 speed front, 1 reverse
Tire Size10.00-20
Max Speed90 km/h 
SuperstructureTanker Capacity10000 litres
Tanker MaterialHiqh quality cabon steel, option stainless steel
PumpHonda gasoline pump
Lift21 m
Water Priming TimeLess than 5 min
HoseHigh quality PVC hose, anti-aging

Finished JAC water truck in workshop

Honda water pump-WP-30